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In the annual ELP Leadership Journey we travel abroad as well as inside. The Journey allows us to go deeper than in the course of a regular ELP Leadership Dialogue. You will take a huge step back from your daily pressures, return to your drivers and values and clean up thoughts and emotions that you don’t need anymore.
In TilliT, a home away from home in the South of Sweden, you will be surrounded by forests, lakes, clean air and good people. You will hike, swim, chop wood, be creative, cook together and do inner work. The Journey will be facilitated by George Begemann, an experienced coach and consultant and former business leader. George is also an ELP Moderator. Go to www.tillit.nl to get a first impression of your location.

The fee for this Journey is €2395 excluding VAT, excluding travel costs to and from Sweden and including all local expenses.
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Fellow travellers said:

“The ELP Journey gave me the focus and clarity that I needed in a period of transition. It allowed me to share and experience with the group the start of what I can mean for others and for myself, it allowed me to accept my capabilities. It was envigorating and
we all left with a strong sense of having done the right thing and being ready for “home”.
– Aurélie Peters

“The ELP Journey gave me the ultimate opportunity to again experience the true content of “sincere attention (for myself but also to others) and what incredible impact this may have. For me a valuable gift at just the right time! All this at an incredibly beautiful location with wonderful people around me. I feel inspired and grateful.” – Milou Pijls-Strijbos

Event Details

Date: June 15, 2018

Start time: 08:00

Venue: Sweden

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