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For over fifteen years European Leadership Platform has offered leaders a place to meet with their peers and discuss the responsibilities, dilemmas and decisions of their working lives.

ELP is based on the belief that people learn best through dialogue, and that dialogue is most valuable when it is conducted among equals in a setting that encourages openness and vulnerability. Dialogue is more effective than discussion or debate in addressing issues of increasing complexity and speed. In today’s world that is polarized and short of attention, reflection and dialogue are more necessary than ever.

“ELP has given my work more body, sense and purpose by helping me to look beyond the spreadsheets”

Yann Toutant
General Manager, Econocom Netherlands

“Speaking freely, the intimacy at the tables and the Chatham House Rule are at the core of the ELP Experience”

Jeanine van der Vlist
Managing Director, Eurofiber Netherlands

“ELP has expanded my views on leadership through the diversity of its participants and a menu of very relevant leadership dilemmas, discussed in a safe and convivial setting”

Vincent Moolenaar
Global Integration Program Leader, Ahold Delhaize

“ELP helps me to look a level deeper, beyond the hypes”

Frederieke Damme
Business Director, Ministry of Finance, The Netherlands

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ELP Dialogues are the business edition of conversations with friends at kitchen tables. Our meetings are a mix of introductions by high-calibre speakers and Roundtable Dialogues with peers.


ELP has about 350 members, equally divided between individual and corporate members. ELP believes in the inclusion of diversity. We appreciate that people are different. Their differences provide the fertile soil in which a rich dialogue can unfold.


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